Wood pellets

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General information


Wood pellets are produced from wood waste such as wood chips, sawdust, ...

According to a given statistic, there are about 1 million households in the US using biomass wood pellets in heating, kilns and boilers, and this number is constantly increasing, many organizations Large scale institutions such as schools and prisons also use biomass wood pellets for their combustion systems.

Biomass pellets are produced by crushing wood materials into sawdust, shavings and then passing them through high speed, pressure and temperature to release a glue that automatically binds the elements into pellets has a smooth, solid and hard surface.

Product standards

The ingot conforms to the norms commonly used in Europe (DIN 51,731 or Ö-Norm M-7135):

  • Contains less than 10% water content.
  • Uniform in density (higher than 1 ton per cubic meter, so it is submerged in water, volumetric mass is about 0.6-0.7 tons per cubic meter).
  • Has good structural strength, and low ash content.

There is almost no difference in the finished pellets between different woods.

Features of wood pellets


  • Dimensions: 6-8 mm x 15-30 mm
  • Humidity: <8% max
  • Ash: 2.0% max
  • Sulfur content: 0.1%
  • Nitrogen content: 0.28%
  • Heat: 4200-4800 kcal/kg
  • Tablet length: 10mm

Biomass pellets are among the optimal materials for combustion systems because their low moisture content allows them to burn with high efficiency.

Production process

Wood pellets are made from waste wood materials such as sawdust, shavings, after being put into the tank to be ground, dried through a dust filter system, and transferred to a high-pressure compressor. The pelleted waste wood continues to be put into the cooling system to form solid pellets and is packaged and put into use.

In addition, AG Green Energy is also supplying rice husk pellets for steam boilers.

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