5 criteria to choose a company to perform O&M services for solar power systems

  1. 2021/12/22
O&M service is a fairly common term in the management of projects, works, factories, factories… So, what is O&M service for solar power system and is it similar to other types of works? What does O&M implementation for the solar power system include? Is O&M really important in ensuring the solar power system works efficiently? What criteria should be based on to choose a company performing O&M services for solar power systems? AG Green Energy will answer these questions for you in this article!

What is O&M service for solar power system?

O&M stands for Operations & Maintenance. The term O&M is used to describe management and care services for works and factories, in which activities such as operation supervision and machinery maintenance are prominent.

O&M services for solar power systems include 3 main areas:

  • Operation management service: This is an intensive management step for completed solar power systems that can be put into operation.
  • Inspection, maintenance and maintenance service: This is a step for all solar power systems to ensure smooth operation, limit risks and optimize the life and performance of the equipment. 
  • Solar panel system cleaning service: This is the step that cleans the panels from dirt such as dust, bird droppings, leaves, garbage, etc., helping to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of the solar panels. 

O&M service will help ensure the smooth operation of the system and timely detect system errors. From there, the investor can quickly fix the damage, avoid future problems, ensure the power output and the operating time, the operation of the system is the most optimal.

Why use O&M services of professional companies?

In fact, the investors of solar power systems can completely monitor, take care of, and perform the work of monitoring the operation and maintenance of their solar power systems. However, the solar power system is a system that requires a large investment, has many complicated machines and specialized knowledge about solar power systems is still relatively unknown to many people, especially in Vietnam. Therefore, the use of operation management and periodic maintenance services of professional O&M service providers will help ensure the smooth operation of the system and timely detect problems. Using O&M services for solar power systems by professional companies will help investors achieve the following benefits:

  • SAVE TIME: On the principle that prevention is better than cure, using O&M services of a professional company will help O&M work to be done at a faster speed. In addition, the investor will also save time for troubleshooting.
  • SAVE COST: Besides regular maintenance checks will help reduce the rate of breakdowns, having a professional maintenance inspection team also helps reduce the failure rate of system components. Solar power at maximum. This will save a lot of costs for the customer, especially in saving the cost of replacing damaged equipment (which may happen) during the implementation of O&M works.
  • HIGH RELIABILITY: Professional companies will always have a professional technical team, experienced in operating and maintaining many solar power systems. This will help reduce the risk of damage to the equipment. In addition, professional companies also have the coordination of experts of equipment manufacturers, the effective support of specialized machines and equipment to make the O&M process easy, fast and safe and more efficient.

Here are a few problems that can occur if the person performing the operation and maintenance management is not professional and inexperienced:

• Difficulty in managing system assets, adding additional operating costs to the system.
• Increase the cost of maintenance and equipment replacement if a failure occurs during the operation and maintenance management of the system.
• Reduced system performance, especially when cracks and failures in panels are not detected early.
• Long-lasting performance loss, leading to reduced lifespan of solar PV systems and devices when those devices are stable but must operate at higher capacity to compensate for faulty equipment.
• Reduced safety for users, for example in case of fire, open circuit.

5 criteria to choose an O&M service company

  1. High reputation

A company with a high reputation is one that is highly appreciated by many customers and industry partners. In particular, you can consider the company's partners, the more partners and the larger the size of the partners, the more reputable and famous the company is in the market, the more reputable the company.
AG Green Energy is currently a partner of leading companies in the field of electric-electronics and solar power such as Mitsubishi, LONGi, ABB, GOODWE, SMA, Panasonic, Growatt, SUNGROW, SIEMENS, ABA Cooltrans, Fourth Partner Energy, … and always trusted and appreciated by partners in the working process. You can learn more about AG Green Energy's partners at the Partners page.

  1. Seasoned experience

Many people often think that whether a company has a lot of experience or not is often related to the number of years the company was founded. This may be true, but above all, it is in fact related to the number and scale of works the company has done.

During the past years, AG Green Energy has conducted O&M services for solar power systems at many projects of different sizes in Vietnam. Typical projects include the cold storage project ABA cooltrans Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, the Fourth Partner Energy project, the 2-adjacent apartment project in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai,... More images can be found at the Project page.

  1. Quality assurance

The quality of the works that the company has done can often be judged visually based on the images the company posts. In addition, this will also be shown through the company being nominated by old customers, or giving positive reviews and comments on the company's website and social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
During the working process, AG Green Energy is always proud to receive very positive reviews from customers, not only in the field of O&M, but also in the field of EPC for solar power systems. You can read these reviews on the Website and Facebook of AG Green Energy.
Mr. Chinh (Phan Rang City - Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan Province)
My family invests in the electricity system for home use and to invest in selling electricity to EVN. We are very satisfied with the product quality (technical, aesthetic), attitude and working style of AG Green Energy staff.

  1. Clear implementation plan

The company can provide you immediately or you can easily search for detailed, clear, specific steps in the entire maintenance plan for the solar power system that the company will perform.
For O&M services for solar power systems, AG Green Energy always has a clear plan for each work item. We have 3 main types of services:
• System Analysis and Monitoring Service (24/7)
• Routine System Checks and Abnormal Troubleshooting
• Other Service Items
Details of works and frequency can be found at the O&M Services page.

  1. Reasonable and transparent costs

The cost for the maintenance plan for the solar power system should be reasonable compared to the scale and initial investment cost of the system. In particular, during the negotiation process, costs must be publicly and transparently known to customers, calculated and listed in detail, specifically, clearly, without suddenly incurring additional costs or surcharges in the process. perform.
The cost for O&M services is always guaranteed to be transparent throughout the implementation process. Types of costs will be listed in detail and fully according to the size of the solar power system and the needs of the customer.

AG Green Energy ensures that the price we offer will always go hand in hand with the best quality of service. You can contact Hotline: 0946 22 13 01 or Email: angia.greenenergy@gmail.com for detailed advice and quotation.

AG Green Energy is one of the best choices for investors in the operation, maintenance, maintenance and repair of solar power systems. AG Green Energy is confident that it can ensure all the above 5 criteria, providing customers with solar power projects with the best performance and safest.