Potential for electricity production - social benefits from rice husk pellets and wood pellets

  1. 2022/01/14
Biomass energy is extremely useful in human life, especially the potential for electricity production as well as social benefits from rice husk pellets and wood pellets play an important role.

Potential for electricity generation from rice husk pellets and wood pellets

Currently, a number of factories supplying rice husk pellets and wood pellets are providing a very small source of rice husk and wood electricity in Vietnam, but there are many other power plant projects in the development stage. The main fuel in these power plants will be rice husk pellets and wood pellets.

Taking advantage of the potential of electricity production from rice husk pellets and wood pellets contributes to reducing dependence on traditional energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, environmental pollution and bringing economic benefits, creating many jobs. green and increase the efficiency of industries.


Social benefits of biomass energy


  • Reduce dependence on coal for fossil fuels.
  • Strengthen national energy security.
  • Encourage the participation of small and medium enterprises.
  • Improving the efficiency of the agricultural economy, the agricultural economic sector, in addition to providing food, industrial raw materials, now has the function of providing clean energy for society, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases and harmful gases.


Social benefits of rice husk pellets and wood pellets

With many benefits, Vietnam and many countries around the world have increasingly paid attention to and promoted the development of biomass energy sources, especially improving the social benefits of rice husk pellets and wood pellets:

  • Reducing the cost of treating emissions to the environment for factories: Having a very low concentration of harmful substances, the cost of treating exhaust gas to the environment is not high, especially when burning rice husk firewood, there is still a faint aroma. of the new rice flavor and not the unpleasant odors from other fossil fuels.
  • Increase boiler equipment life: Most fossil fuels today contain sulfur, and when the temperature of the flue gas is low, the gases in it will combine with steam to form acids. Inorganic is highly corrosive, reducing the service life of boiler equipment.
  • The price is stable, and much cheaper than other fossil fuels such as coal, diesel,...
  • Shipping is very convenient due to the small size of the product.
  • Simple to use, easy to clean the device after use.

AG Green Energy is currently supplying rice husk pellets and wood pellets - biomass fuel for steam boilers. An Gia is ready to supply an abundant source of raw materials including rice husk pellets and wood pellets, a potential biomass energy in Vietnam. In addition, An Gia is currently providing O&M services and EPC services for solar power systems.

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