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  1. 2021/08/29


Graduating in Engineering with a good degree, Founder An Dinh Nha quickly had the opportunity to work at leading companies in Vietnam. However, in the process of working at many companies, he has realized and is still troubled about 3 problems in the current electric energy industry in Vietnam: the alarming level of pollution in Vietnam today. with huge emissions from thermal/hydropower plants; overload and inability to meet the demand for electricity; People's worries when electricity prices are increasing. As a person who likes to collaborate with good and aspirational people, in 2019, Mr. Nha decided to establish An Gia Green Energy - a company specializing in Solution Design, Equipment Supply and Installation. in the field of renewable energy. The company's mission is also set out to become one of the first units in Vietnam to provide customers with energy solutions that help save electricity costs, increase income, and contribute to protecting the environment. environment.


Integrity - Efficiency - Safety are the 3 core values ​​that An Gia Green Energy considers as a guideline right from the beginning of its operation. From the early days of the company's establishment, An Gia Green Energy has attracted and possessed a force of professional staff and collaborators with leading technical and professional expertise. The works at that time were just small projects such as the roof voltage works of households in Binh Thanh District, District 9, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Nhon Trach (Dong Nai), City. Phan Rang - Thap Cham with only 8-40 panels for each project. However, every project is respected by every employee in the company and makes every effort, with the hope of bringing the safest and most effective solar power solutions to each customer.


With relentless efforts to find and convince customers with its core values, An Gia Green Energy now has a place in customers' minds. An Gia Green Energy also quickly had the opportunity to cooperate with leading partners such as Growatt, AE Solar, Huawei, JinKo Solar, Panasonic, LONGi… Thanks to that, the company started to have large-scale projects of great value. hundreds of billions with the quantity of more than 1000 panels, generating capacity of over 1000 GWh/year, which can be mentioned as the rooftop solar project of cold storage system ABA Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan Military District, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City; the project of the roof of the train car in Di An Zone 1-2-3 Di Anh, Binh Duong; rooftop project at the farm of Asia Company, KD Company, Song Cau Tan Xuan Energy Company; Contracts signed with leading companies of Singapore, US, Germany, etc.
In 2020, The Green Equipment - specializing in providing electrical equipment for the renewable energy branch - was established by Mr. Hoang Minh Toan to meet the growing demand for equipment for construction and installation. place the works.

In 2021, besides Solar Energy, An Gia Green Energy is also simultaneously developing the Biomass Energy segment with the supply of biomass fuels such as rice husk pellets, wood pellets,... for industrial steam burners.

By 2023, An Gia Green Energy's vision is not to become the leading player in the industry, but to become the unit of choice for leading investors and partners.


Protecting the environment and solving electricity problems in Vietnam today is not an issue that an individual or a company can do, but needs the consensus of many organizations. An Gia Green Energy Company too, we hope to be able to join with everyone to take small steps to contribute to building a healthy and safe development of the World in general and Vietnam in particular through the provision of green energy solutions - solar energy.

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